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One Of The Leading Pediatric & Child Development Centre In Chandigarhthe ‘Asha Clinic’ Has Existed For Last One Decade (Inaugurated In 2007) And Initially Provided Services For Newborns, Children And Adolescents. The Asha Clinic Has Provided Services For Developmental Assessments And Parental Counseling For Many Years. The Clinic Has Now Expanded To Accommodate A Child Development Centre For Remedial Interventions. The Asha Child Care And Development Centre (Accdc) Is A One Stop Solution For Children And Adolescents With Developmental And Behavioral Concerns Such As Autism, Learning Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Adhd, Intellectual Disabilities, Down Syndrome And Genetic Disorders, Speech And Language Dysfunctions, Poor Performance In Scholastic Skills, Sensory Processing Disorders, Sleep Disorders Etc; And We Provide Guidance For Parenting Skills, Diet Related Problems, Adolescent Health, Mental Health Concerns Etc.
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